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LASTMINUTO is a value-oriented group of companies that has set itself the task of combining the right moments, ideally suited networks and the meaningfulness of success-based companies in their daily activities.

The right place at the right time – the common denominator of all our group’s activities.

We are proud!

To have exclusive rights for the Domains and european Word Mark!



Word Mark:

Our target

100% for a safe, valuable, communal, sustainable and trustworthy internet.

In this dramatic world upheaval, the domains and the brand are extremely interesting! Almost all well-known news channels are now heavily censored and manipulated. 

With LASTMINUTO and the message “five to twelve”, we will operate an independent information platform. 

Our goal is to bring back honesty, quality and consistency to the future internet and to offer acommunity to people with the same values.

1. honesty
2. quality
3. consistency

German brand award 2023

We are pleased to announce that LASTMINUTO has been honoured with the German Brand Award 2023. This significant recognition acknowledges successful brands in Germany and contributes to the growth of our industry.

Our dedicated effort to enhance the LASTMINUTO brand has resulted in a refined logo that encapsulates our corporate values and vision. We also established a modern and visually appealing colour palette. The receipt of this award affirms our strategic approach to brand development and serves as validation of our successful execution.